National Fitness Hall of Fame

National Fitness Hall of Fame is an American hall of fame for notable fitness professionals. It includes notable figures involved in fitness instruction, training, education, fitness management and product development. | Mission: To recognize and support fitness professionals for their dedication to helping others “Get Fit & Stay Healthy” and provide programs and services that helps all individuals achieve a better level of health and fitness | Motto: “Educate * Motivate * Inspire”



John Figarelli founded the National Fitness Hall of Fame on December 2, 2004 to honor individuals and organizations who had made a lifetime contribution to heath and fitness.
Inductees are classed as pioneers, educators, instructors, sports medicine, celebrity spokespeople, and organizations.[1]
One of the criteria for membership is at least twenty-five years of service as a full-time Health & Fitness industry professional.[2]
Figarelli formed the National Fitness Organization, a corporation, in December 2004, with his wife, mother and father.
They rented a small location in Sycamore, Illinois, to hold Figarelli’s collection of fitness memorabilia, which would form the nucleus of the museum.[3]

The first class of 2005 had twelve members, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack LaLanne and Charles Atlas.[1]
Other inductees included Joe Weider, Vic Tanny, Arthur Jones, Paul Bragg and Kenneth H. Cooper.[3]
There was no ceremony, and certificates were simply mailed to the new members.[1]

The fourth class of ten members was inducted in 2008 with a dinner, silent auction and ceremony, and was attended by many of the inductees.[1]
The ceremony was held at the Oak Meadows Golf Club in Addison, Illinois, and was hosted by Gilad Janklowicz of the TV show Bodies in Motion.’ There were about 250 attendees. Inductees included Cory Everson, Tamilee Webb, Charles Kuntzleman, Michael Thurmond and others.[1]

As of 2014 inductees included Charles Atlas, Jane Fonda, Jack LaLanne, Tony Little, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Simmons, Kathy Smith, Tamilee Webb and Joe Weider.[4]
In November 2014 Bill Crawford (2012 NFHOF Inductee) a fitness trainer and owner of a gym in Scottsdale, Arizona, was appointed Chairman of the National Fitness Hall of Fame and served a 3-year term ending in 2017.[4]


(Complete list of NFHOF Inductees can be found at the website:

Outreach programs[edit]

The National Fitness Hall of Fame has four divisions:

NFHOF – “The Hall,” recognizing individuals for their career work in the field of fitness and health. Induction into the National Fitness Hall of Fame is the highest honor a person working in the fitness industry can achieve. The Hall also presents other special awards of merit for working professional.

NFHOF Museum: Located in beautiful downtown Minooka, Illinois, this quaint little museum offers free guided tours to both the fitness professional and the general public. A fantastic online virtual tour can also be experienced at our website –

NFHOF Membership: The backbone of our organization is our members. NFHOF Members receive many benefits which includes our quarterly News-Magazine: “Educate * Motivate * Inspire.” Members can also participate in the many contests and events that we conduct each year.

NFHOF Institute: The newly formed institute serves as an outreach to Educate, Motivate & Inspire fitness professionals as well as the general public. All individuals are invited to enroll in our fitness education courses. The NFHOF Institute also has a traveling exhibit that tours the country promoting “Fitness For All!”


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