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🧤 Our gloves adding skin-friendly fleece inside, it is light and soft, has a strong lock temperature performance, -10℃ cold weather can also keep warm; The fabric density is increased, and the waterproof and windproof
performance is increased; The surface of the glove is high-density
nylon fabric, which will not be soaked in rainy days. The inner layer is
a composite SBR waterproof coating, which is waterproof and anti-fouling, and is an excellent companion for winter sports.


Four advantages: Five fingertips touch screen / Thick velvet warmth / Skin friendly / Strong breathability

Material: Warm fleece + Surface coating + Inner Composite Waterproof Film

curved design:
With an ergonomic natural curved design, the five
fingers are separated, making the hand more flexible and comfortable
during exercise.

The velvet at the wrist, soft skin-friendly fabric, fully fits the side of the arm, lock the temperature and stylish.

Five-finger fingertip touch screen: The fingertip uses high density PU fabric that is both non-slip and touch-screen, user-friendly design.

Non-slip PU leather: Non-slip PU leather for large areas of fingertips and palms.

the surface layer of the glove and the inner
layer both waterproof, waterproof and windproof material.

resin zipper:
Made of high-quality resin zipper, light weight,
waterproof, adjusts the tightness, and it won’t feel cold in winter.

wrist design:
The wrist has a contracted elastic strip, which has good
elasticity, is not tight, and is comfortable to wear.

Anti-lost buckles: When you don’t need to use gloves, you can put the gloves together and store them.

Code size: Unisex, choose the size that suits you~!!!

Package Included:

1 Pair Of Ski Gloves
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