$100 Academy Sports and Outdoors Gift Card – …


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This is a picture of the card you will get in the mail. The code on the back will be scratched off. This is because I do not send gift cards in the mail without getting the code before I mail them. The reason for this is that if the postal service loses it, then we always have the code to use online. So there is no loss to you nor I 🙂

Since I will already have the code, if you want to use it immediately online, then send me an email message and I will then email the code to your PayPal email address. I will not send the code by EBay message because there are too many scammers that get control fraudulently of ebay accounts. This policy protects you and me from possible scammers.

This card will be dropped in the mail in a stamped envelope the same day payment is received. Then you will get it in 2 to 4 days.
If you would like me to send it with a Christmas card then EBay message me that you want one and I will include one with the gift card 🙂 The Christmas Card sent will be the same one shown in my $30 Amazon gift card listing.