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Brand Rai Tip. 100G.Basil seeds,
cereals tea for Good health of women or men.

Basil leaves, fresh weight, protein
3.8 g per 100 g.

At present, there are people interested in healthy eating ,
herbs and more . Some herbs also help in excretion. The result is skin friendly
. And shapes , too. Basil seed , which a healthy menu with a lot of her
attention . I believed that . Basil seed properties help to reduce obesity .
Basil seed but eating well or not. Today gearbox Com have to leave my answer .

going to see the properties of basil seed . We came to know each other better
than basil basil plant is a biennial plant in the family Lamiaceae – thyme. Its
looks like the basil is sweet basil . But the smell and the color becomes
lighter . Is about 65 cm tall stems of basil aroma every part. Leaf: Single
oval shape , smooth or jagged edges rounded . Bouquet of flowers in the end.
White petals and dried fruits to fall within the four sub called basil seeds
rounded black . The mucous coating .

Benefits of basil seed .

is another herb tablets are cheap . And can be easily purchased in the market
generally . As noted herbs. Properties would be very interesting trades. The
benefits of basil seed be something to see it .

cholesterol basil seeds excreted from the body. By basil fibers will absorb the
fat . When the body can not digest fiber These bad fats (LDL-cholesterol) is
driven out of the basil , along with fiber , but no effect on HDL-cholesterol.
The good fats . Basil seed so eating regularly. Reduces the risk of heart

seed with a soft smooth easy to swallow for those who have a neck. And the
basil seeds swell more . The body absorb nutrients more slowly. Suitable for
diabetics who want the body to absorb glucose reduced.

seed is used as a laxative. Since the outer shell of the grain as a white slime
. And a waste . Motion made and no gut. This allows the food to pass more
easily . By basil seeds will stimulate nerves around the distal colon . Cause
abdominal pain, heavy

seed is used in weight control . The basil seeds caused no energy. And can
swell up to 45 times , so when taken orally before meals will help you feel
fuller stomach. And can control the amount of food eaten as well.

Basil seed eating to lose weight .

seed may not have a direct benefit in reducing weight . If you need help to
control their eating. And allows the digestive system to function better. Basil
seed , it is an attractive option, it is basil seed can be eaten both children
and adults. Including safety in pregnant and lactating women with

How to eat basil seed . To be useful in various fields are
as follows.

ventilation : a grain scoop 1-2 teaspoons basil 1 cup of water and leave it
until it ‘s fully inflated . Then eat before bed eat every day or 3-4 days a

with weight loss for men weight 50-60 kg grain scoop 2 tsp basil 1 cup of water
and leave it until it ‘s fully inflated before a meal replacement diet is to
eat some meals . Prevents the absorption of sugar in a meal that did not make
it into the bloodstream. If more weight is added to the section.

people who do not like to eat grains , fresh basil and try to mix with other
drinks , it might make it easier to eat ginger, pandan leaves , such as water
or water mixed with tofu and rice dishes etc.

Caution in eating basil seed .

sure to soak the seeds before eating basil until fully inflated . If eating
basil seeds that have not fully inflated . On basil seeds into the stomach , it
will suck water inside the digestive tract. The basil seed agglomeration solid
And intestinal obstruction . Cause constipation. Bloating and more .

who want to lose weight . If you eat the basil seed meal. Should eat some meals
. If not, the disease can cause malnutrition .

basil and other drugs will affect the body ‘s absorption of these drugs is less
You should avoid taking the pills basil together with a drug before it is
followed by a 15 minute eating basil seed .

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